Egg or Chicken first? I don’t care.. I eat both

Do you see your ideas are not accepted by your management because you are not so experienced as others? If yes, I think it is not right.  Experience always play good role in taking decisions and selecting a solution which is right but that should not be limiting in accepting ideas from others.

I just read this below caption from a restaurant in Chennai. It was an interesting caption.

Taken from Parkway Inn Restaurant Chennai

It is important for every team to build a culture to encourage everybody in the team to come up with ideas and award them for the good ideas. It would help the team to be more innovative, innovation is key for success.

What is key for this? Good leadership team who does not think ‘Egg or Chicken First’

There are different ways of inviting the ideas periodically, it is up to the leadership team to decide how frequent and what medium it should be. I see the companies do the hackathon once in a year, but we do not need to limit it to yearly once or twice.

What is key is how do you handle the submitted ideas. Because it is important that we should make sure that every employee feel that we are serious about it and right ideas will be considered with its merits.

It is also important that regardless of how junior you are, we encourage them to open up and there should not be any hesitation think that it is right or wrong. There is nothing called right or wrong. Today’s right action may be wrong tomorrow. Today’s truth may be a joke tomorrow.

Every leader should be sending the message to the team to encourage them to stand up and speak because we don’t care Egg or Chicken first, we eat both.


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