Azure Regions Explored

I was exploring some of the information on each Azure regions but I could not find a single page with all the information listed. So I thought of creating a table and share it with our Cloud Community. The research for the blog made me to realize that some of the interesting facts about Azure regions. I think this will help the Architects who want to quickly do the fact checks for designing their Azure solutions.

I will try my best to update the table to ensure that you get latest information. At the same time you can also verify this information from the URLs provided bottom of this blog.

What you get from this blog post:

  • Geography, Azure Region, Availability Zones (AZ) in that region, Location and its Paired Region(s) in single table.
  • You can get all the resources in that Geography by clicking on each Geography in the first column. I have selected all the azure native services available in that area for you. So you get the services for all the regions in a single click.
  • I have marked Featured Regions in bold and you get details about that region by clicking on the region column where applicable.

Some facts about Azure regions:

  • Only South India, South Central US and US Gov Texas Azure regions are paired with more than one regions. But condition apply.
    • West India’s paired region is South India, it is paired only in one direction.
    • But South India’s secondary region is only Central India.
    • Brazil South’s secondary region is South Central US but its secondary region is not Brazil.
    • Interestingly, US Gov Virginia’s secondary region is US Gov Texas and then you see US Gov Arizona is the secondary region of US Texas.
  • Only 6 Azure regions have paired regions in different countries.
    • Brazil South
    • South Central US
    • North Europe
    • West Europe
    • East Asia
    • Southeast Asia
  • Only three Azure Regions are located undisclosed locations in US.
  • Switzerland North is available only for selected customers now. You need to contact support for creating the resources
  • Switzerland West is reserved for customers requiring in country disaster recovery. You may need to contact Azure Support for creating the resources.
  • US Gov Iowa regions will be the first retired Azure Region.
  • Total Azure Regions – 70 (54+16)
  • Number of Regions with Availability Zones – 30(16 +14)
  • Newly Announced Regions – 16
  • US Gov Regions – 8 (7+1)

Azure Region Commercial

GeographyRegionLocationAZPaired Region
Asia PacificEast AsiaHong Kong0Southeast Asia
Asia Pacific Southeast AsiaSingapore3East Asia
Australia Australia Central  Canberra  0Australia Central 2
Australia Australia Central 2 Canberra 0Australia Central
Australia Australia East  New South Wales 0Australia Southeast
Australia Australia Southeast Victoria 0Australia East 
BrazilBrazil South  Sao Paulo State 3South Central US
BrazilBrazil SoutheastRio de Janerio0Brazil South
CanadaCanada Central Toronto 0Canada East
CanadaCanada East Quebec City 0Canada Central
China China East Shanghai 0China North
China China North Beijing 0China East
China China North 2 Beijing 0China East 2
China China East 2 Shanghai 0China North 2
Europe North Europe  Ireland  3West Europe
Europe West EuropeNetherlands 3North Europe 
France France Central  Paris 3France South 
France France South  Marseille 0France Central 
IndiaCentral India Pune 0South India
India South India Chennai0Central India , West India
India West India Mumbai0South India
GermanyGermany Central Frankfurt 0 Germany Northeast
Germany Germany Northeast Magdeburg 0 Germany Central
Germany Germany West Central Frankfurt 0Germany North
Germany Germany North Berlin 0Germany West Central
Norway Norway West
0 Norway East
Norway Norway East Oslo 0 Norway West
JapanJapan East Tokyo 3Japan West
JapanJapan WestOsaka0Japan East
KoreaKorea CentralSeoul0Korea Soutth
KoreaKorea SouthBusan0Korea Central
South AfricaSouth Africa North Johannesburg 0South Africa West
South Africa South Africa West Cape Town 0South Africa North
Switzerland Switzerland North Zurich 0Switzerland West
Switzerland Switzerland West Geneva 0Switzerland North
United Arab Emirates UAE Central Abu Dhabi  0UAE North
United Arab Emirates UAE North Dubai 0UAE Central
United Kingdom UK South London 3UK West
United Kingdom UK West Cardiff 0UK South
United States Central US Iowa  3East US 2
United States East US  Virginia 3West US
United States East US 2  Virginia 3Central US
United States North Central US Illinois  0South Central US
United States South Central US Texas 3North Central US,Brazil South
United States West Central US Wyoming 0West US 2
United States West US California 0East US
United States West US 2  Washington 3West Central US

Newly Announced Commercial Regions

Geography RegionLocationAZPaired regions
New ZealandNew Zealand NorthAuckland3not yet announced
QatarNorway NorthDoha0not yet announced
TaiwanTaiwan NorthTaipei3not yet announced
IsraelIsrael CentralIsrael0not yet announced
MexicoMexico CentralQueretaro State0not yet Announced
SpainSpain CentralMandrid0not yet announced
Sweden Sweden CentralGavle0Sweden South
SwedenSweden SouthStaffanstorp3Sweden Central
DenmarkDenmark EastCopenhagen3not yet announced
GreeceNot AvailableNot Available0not yet announced
ItayItaly NorthMilan0not yet announced
AustriaAustria EastVienna3not yet announced
PolandPoland CentralWarsaw3not yet announced
ChileChile North CentralSantiago3not yet announced
United StatesWest US 3Arizona3not yet announced
United StatesUS Sec CentralUndisclosed0not yet announced
US security region is available for private preview and pending for accreditation

United Nations Government Regions

GeographyRegionsLocationAZPaired Region
United states -DefenceUS DoD CentralIowa0US DoD East
United states -DefernceUS DoD EastVirginia0US DoD Central
United states US Gov ArizonaArizona0US Gov Texas
United states US Gov TexasTexas0US Gov Arizona ,US Gov Virginia
United states US Gov VirginiaVirginia0US Gov Texas , US Gov Iowa
United StatesUS Sec EastUndisclosednot yet announced
United StatesUS Sec WestUndisclosednot yet announced

Some useful URLs

  • Switzerland North is available only for selected customers now. Contact support for creating the resources,
  • Switzerland West is reserved for customers requiring in country disaster recovery. You may need to contact Azure Support for creating the resources.

I hope this blog helps you. Please provide your comments on improving this below page. Thank for showing interest in reading this blog post.


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