You don’t be that FROG in the well.

I remember I learned about a frog that lived in the well. Since frog was in the well entire his life he thought that the Well is the world and there is nothing beautiful than that until the water in the well dried and frog had to come out of it.

We should not be that FROG in the well.


There are lot of things in the world that we have not learned and seen yet. We must be open to learn. You might be able perform well in your job today. But we need to think about tomorrow. The world is changing too fast, so we need to learn faster and act swiftly to survive in the world.

It is not just about learning, we also need to look around and check are we doing it properly. It this the best of doing? There are 100s of people in the world doing similar stuff differently. It is a challenge to get know about how others are doing. That is where you need to collaborate with others, engage yourself with others in the world, hear other, share your thoughts,  arranged hackathons to bring new ideas and encourage openness in the team to bring new thoughts. We never know, the ideas can come from junior in the team. Remember an idea can change your world !!!

It is also important to get good people and leaders from the other organizations to bring their expertise and fine tune your services and culture. That way we should get to know other Wells in the world. In my experience, I felt it several time that we should send some of the leadership outside so that they learn what is in the outside world. It is important that every company have thoughtful leaders who is ready bring innovation and grow the business in smart way.

We should make some partnership with other companies where as we send our team to learn about how others are working. There are many programs between their countries send their resource to share the technology, learn each other cultures, understand how they function etc.  I know it is a controversial  statement but there is nothing in the world impossible to do. Elon Musk could send a satellite to the space, you really cannot even say ‘it is  rocket science’. We must think differently, read about what Oracle and Microsoft did differently recently with their partnership which is first of its kind.

As an individual, I encourage everybody to keep attending interviews so that you know that what is the demand outside and you can develop yourself to be competitive inside your company and outside. It is important you be up to date with the technologies that you are working. It is often we become lazy if you are in the comfort zone and you tend to slow down your pace of learning. Let me warn you, you will have to take much more efforts to come out of that. I will share one of that experience in my coming blogs.

So don’t limit yourself, see the world, observe and learn smartly. I am sure this will help you and your company to grow.


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