Satya’s Microsoft is making more friends, Hello Oracle !!!

Using ExpressRoute and FastConnect, customers can peer a virtual network in Azure with a virtual cloud network in Oracle Cloud infrastructure (OCI). This is probably pleasant and positive news I heard in this space. It is a game changer model they two Cloud Provider has done so far. It requires lot of courage at the leadership level to think about it and execute it. I have been thinking about such scenarios but was expecting a network provider to have this connectivity across the multiple clouds, but Azure has done it by themselves.

Azure AD synchronizes any changes in the directory with the corresponding Oracle directory and is used for single sign-on to cross-cloud Oracle solutions. I can only say ‘WOW’ here.

Oracle realized that we need more partners than enemies, I think leadership changes at the Oracle would have helped change their strategy. Under the leadership of Satya Microsoft is making more friends. It is like ‘an idea can change your like life, a leader can change a company’.

Oracle and azure connect

Looks at that picture above when you run the application tier in Azure and Database tier in Oracle Cloud. Good for the customer who is paying huge amount for Oracle license for running Azure VM. It must be cheaper in OCI. We still need to see how the network latency and cost behind this. This give Azure an advantage over AWS because Oracle lovers will opt for Azure and they connect to Oracle for those Oracle products feature like Real Application Cluster (RAC) which can not be run on Azure or AWS today. I am sure there will be challenges but would love to propose a design to our customers. It is too early to comments on the issues and challenges, but I am excited about it.

Oracle and azure connect3

You need to create ER circuit with private peering for connecting to Oracle location to establish the connectivity, otherwise I do not see a product added in to list marketplace.

Oracle and azure connect1

Let’s see who else will follow the path of Microsoft and Oracle. I think all the major player should adopt this method so that customers can pick and choose best products from multiple cloud players.

We need to create a world without boundaries where you find only the partners competing by complimenting each other’s to provide best in class services.






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