CHANGE is the New Standard for the Cloud Adoption

What are the standards we should follow when we move on to Public Cloud?

We often get this questions during the Public Cloud conversations with different stakeholders. I would say ‘Change’ should be standard. Ahh…What?

  • Be ready to accept a Change
  • Be ready to execute a Change.
  • Be ready to prepare for future Changes.

The change should start from the minds of people. That means develop a mindset to accept a change is the first thing in the transformation journey. It is the first barrier as we know that each of us are comfortable to continue with existing system because change will bring interruptions, nobody like interruptions.

To execute changes successfully we should prepare our ecosystem to support that. We need to have people, tools, process etc updated to ensure that it compliments the change.

Continuous change requires continuous preparation for future changes. This require lot of efforts with a forward thinking and creating clear roadmap as well.

So, let’s get ready for CHANGE.

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