Why Should We Build an Ideation Engine in Our Organization

I’ve always been fascinated by ideas. The kind of ideas that spark innovation, creativity, and problem-solving. The kind of ideas that make you want to jump out of bed and start working on them right away. That’s why I was drawn to the famous tagline from Idea Cellular company: “An idea can change your life” And it did.

Ideas are powerful. They can transform industries, create new solutions, and shape the future. But how do you cultivate a culture of innovation in your organization? How do you foster an environment where ideas are welcomed, nurtured, and implemented?

That’s where an idea engine comes in. An idea engine is a system that helps you generate, evaluate, and execute ideas effectively. It’s not just about brainstorming sessions or suggestion boxes. It’s about having a clear process that allows you to tap into the collective intelligence of your team and turn ideas into reality.

One of the most important steps in any creative process is idea generation. This is where you come up with possible solutions to a problem or challenge that you are facing. However, generating ideas is not always easy. Sometimes you may feel stuck, uninspired, or overwhelmed by too many options. To overcome these challenges, you need to set up an idea generation process that encourages diversity and creativity. Diversity means having a variety of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences among your team members. Creativity means having the ability to think outside the box, make connections, and explore new possibilities

We can use different methods and techniques to setting up the idea generation process. The following are some:

  • Problem Statement – Define your problem clearly and concisely.
  • Brainstorm ideas individually or in groups.
  • Evaluate and select ideas based on different criteria’s for your problem.
  • Prototype and evaluate the ideas.

We can use different tools during the each step to help you with likes, Mind maps, brain dumping, SWOT analysis, role play etc.

Remember that idea generation is not a linear process but an iterative one. You may need to go back and forth between different stages depending on the feedback you receive and the insights you gain along the way.

One of the ways I like to test my ideas at the early stages, is to create a slide presentation and share it with different people. This helps me find out if my ideas are too wild or if there are others who think similarly. These initial conversations also boost my confidence and motivate me to pursue my ideas further.

The key is to keep an open mind, embrace uncertainty, have fun, and learn from each other.

“One idea can transform many lives”


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