Covid 19 – The Monster and the little Boy

There lived a monster in a tiny village. Several Men tried to fight the monster. When they attack the Monster with Swords, it grabbed the weapon and pulled out another one twice as sharp, large and attacked them back. It continued regardless of any methods they tried to fight the monster. However, one day a little boy went along with others and the boy offered him an apple. The monster grabbed it and returned two delicious apples twice as red and large as the apple the boy had offered. Soon, the villagers realized that the monster was not a curse but a blessing. I read this story from the book The secret of leadership by Prakash Iyer.

Monster and little boy

Most of us are locked down at home either jobless or working from home until lock down is over. It gives us lot of free time at home as we are not commuting to office, not going to relatives and friends place to hang out, not going out for shopping etc. So, we are getting so much time to spend with our kids and family. Positively, it is really good.

One day, my friend was back home early from his office. His 5 years old son told “Mamma, Papa is at home and the “Sun is still out”. During this lock down, he is spending whole day with kids and his 2 year old son wants his Papa to put him sleep as he found his Papa’s chest is the warm and cosy bed. Though, my friend is worried about his business and office, he is spending some good time with his family to cherish. Parents work at their offices most of the time and kids get very little time to be with them. so, let’s celebrate the lock down with them.

Lot of people are watching their favorites movies, reading books, may be becoming creative with their mobiles and photos. May be becoming more active in social media and getting time to connect with relative and friends over the phone.

We should also utilize this opportunity to sharpening our swords by learning new technologies and to be ready to face new challenges created by this virus. There are lot of online learning portal available to explore and learn. We do not know how is it going to affect our jobs as there will be cost reductions in the companies affected and it may lead to lay-offs. So, we should be prepared to find other jobs and also ready with rich skills which may help you to be critical resources with in the team. It may be another opportunity find new job with better salary after the Covid-19.

We need to find positiveness from everything around us. Everything in the world has some positive elements somewhere, we just need to learn to find it and extract it for us. Covid-19 Monster may become nice guy if you utilize him well. Let’s change the way we look at things and we may see a difference.

Stay Safe.. Stay Healthy .. Spend time with family .. Learn to survive.

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