Bring a Smile, Make it part of your corporate lifestyle.

A small help can bring smile on someone’s face. Doesn’t matter how big or small, what matters is we do it. How can we make it part of our life style?

Let’s decide that we will donate something when we achieve something in our life. Example, when you get a salary increment or bonus or it could be a certification or a degree.

Personally, I make a wish before I do things in my life that I will donate an amount to those who really need that. It may be a trek, travel, exam, promotion, new job or anything else. I do not know if there is someone hearing this or not, but that gives me lot of happiness and peace. I suggest you try this at least one time, I am sure this would bring a smile on someone and you as well.

Most of my readers are, I am sure working in IT companies. You would be receiving emails on ‘Refer a Candidate’. You should be able to utilize such opportunities, it is a help with 4-dimensions. You help your organization to grow, you give a better opportunity to someone, you donate one portion of that to bring smile on someone’s face and great level of satisfaction to you as well. I know it not easy to get referral bonus in many companies. So, take it as challenge to win that battle and earn it. I am sure, it raises your level of confidence as well. I don’t hesitate to challenge if I feel that I am right in any case.

Make a wish to donate when you get the higher rating and then work for that. When you achieve that, contribute something what you could afford for those who need help. It will help you achieve things in life at the same time, you will show the world a noble gesture by helping.

There are many reasons I could explain, I am sure you could find your causes.

I know many of you make a wish to donate for temple or church if you achieve something which is difficult to do. Why not make such wish for the people who really need them? God does not need money, milk, gold etc but there are many in this world cannot afford to get the basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, education, healthcare etc. We need to help those who really need those.

Let’s celebrate our happiness with others by helping them.


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