Public Cloud Ecosystem – How important it is

“I am moving to the cloud. I can finish it off in a snap of time, everything is available there”. I hear a lot from the customers and leaderships. I cannot blame them because it is what every Cloud Service Providers are saying.

I tell them, “ only computing moved up in the sky and we call it Public Cloud”. If you observe it from the ground zero it is true that in many cases because we have not changed our mind set , and we are not prepared enough yet. To move our workload to public cloud we must change our mind set, know the public cloud and prepare.

It is important that we build a public cloud Eco-System for every companies especially if it is Public Cloud service provider. So be it Azure or AWS, they do not do everything for you but they give you multiple options like tools to do it yourself. You still need to think about the monitoring of middle-ware, Databases and applications, backup, disaster recovery, migrations etc. Nobody wants to run just OS on a VM and monitor and backup it up but their workload. They need to move their workloads which need to leverage many other services like those mentioned above.

It may not be possible to a single team to support everything because you need bring specialization as well. If you are part of large service organizations, it makes sense to make partnership with your existing traditional team to come up with cloud-native approach to extend their support to Cloud Platform. It would help them to up-skill and at the same time company can grow faster to support dynamic requirements from customers.

The Database team could bring a monitoring solutions for Databases on VMs, Application team for applications they support and so on. This model also will enable us bringing Hybrid IT support which would ease client’s life as well. By making the partnership with those teams, you can overcome the challenges in using limited featured native services by proposing marketplace services that gives us better features. Security, it is a classic example of this. It is difficult to develop the capabilities on security with the Azure support team as it is a different a game. So, you need to take them along to ensure that they are changing their tools to replicate similar capabilities to Public Cloud. It would help you up-skill them to support the PaaS services effectively because PaaS is the present and future. We need to have the flexibility and wider support portfolio to extend it for PaaS and SaaS, you will loose the relevance soon in the market.

It may not be possible to build a team who could do all some of the large organisations so the partnering with different team might work better. This model would help them moving them in to a new technologies to continue their job in the company as well.

It is not easy to get everybody on-boarded to provide a True Integrated Cloud Support. We need to have dynamic leaders who drive everybody and continue running the partnership smoothly. We should be the advocates of Do IT Together and stay away from ‘ I will do it alone’ thinking.

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