Infra Folks, shouldn’t we change our approach with Public Cloud

All of us are familiar with below picture and can easily describe the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Are we thinking about how it is changing our way of working? It is affecting both Infra and App team as both the teams need to think about each other’s territories especially when somebody need to build DevOps culture.


It is gone those days we just don’t care about any application or functionality what is running on the servers that we built. We used to provide number of servers based on the sizing and design. We did not have to know what functionality the application would perform or roles as well.

You can continue with the above if you are still thinking of riding on IaaS (Infrastructure As A Services) but not with PaaS (Platform As A Services) and SaaS (Software As A Services). Infrastructure team has little things to do now as most of those tasks will be performed by your Cloud Service Provider.

Everybody talks about serverless computing even though, there is none at the backend 😊. We should be able to think about moving away from monolithic architectures, moving to microservices and containerize wherever possible.

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What does the AWS | VMware Partnership mean ?

When I heard this for the very first time, I got confused ‘Ehhh What is it? I am sure a few of you had the same puzzle.

At a higher level the largest public cloud company joining hands with largest private cloud offering company.  Alright!!! But what is it in technical terms. This is what I want to know because ….


As per AWS, it is a native, fully managed VMware environment on the AWS Cloud that can be accessed on an hourly, on-demand basis or in subscription form. It includes the same core VMware technologies that customer runs in their data centers today including vSphere, Virtual SAN and NSX network virtualization platform and is designed to provide a clean, seamless experience.

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