Cultivate a fearless culture in the organization

Every failure is lot of learning and learning is key for the success.  Question is can we not learn without the failure, may be. But failure is not bad if you don’t stop there.

You have seen this subject already in many articles on this I do not want to talk about it but I would like to talk about building a culture in the organization to encourage people to take risks without fear of failure which result in loosing your job . Leadership in the organization should be able bring the innovation to accelerate the growth.

If there is a fear about the losing the job due to failure, they will be scared to execute a change. Instead, they try to stick to safest route to save their own ass. It is the dangerous thing to happen to an organization because that organization will die due to the lack of innovation. We have read about the companies like Kodak, Blackberry, Nokia etc. those who forgot/late to make much needed changes.

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