Infra Folks, shouldn’t we change our approach with Public Cloud

All of us are familiar with below picture and can easily describe the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. Are we thinking about how it is changing our way of working? It is affecting both Infra and App team as both the teams need to think about each other’s territories especially when somebody need to build DevOps culture.


It is gone those days we just don’t care about any application or functionality what is running on the servers that we built. We used to provide number of servers based on the sizing and design. We did not have to know what functionality the application would perform or roles as well.

You can continue with the above if you are still thinking of riding on IaaS (Infrastructure As A Services) but not with PaaS (Platform As A Services) and SaaS (Software As A Services). Infrastructure team has little things to do now as most of those tasks will be performed by your Cloud Service Provider.

Everybody talks about serverless computing even though, there is none at the backend 😊. We should be able to think about moving away from monolithic architectures, moving to microservices and containerize wherever possible.

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Old is not bad as you think…

I had a train ticket booked from Bangalore to Chennai after a training. I planned and started from office on time (3pm) to catch the Shatabdi train (4.25pm) and reached Cantonment by Uber taxi in 50 minutes ahead of the train time. I got a call from my wife by 3.58 pm and said that Shatabti won’t stop at Cantonment, Bang !!!.  Just over 25 minutes left, and I need to reach Bangalore City Railway station from Cantonment in the hectic Bangalore traffic, I literally gave up and told her to look for bus ticket.

Old vs New

However, I decided to give it a try, otherwise I wasn’t sure whether I would end up going back to the hotel and may have to delay my travel further, during the festival season.  My natural choice would have been booking Uber or Ola cab, but I decided to hire an auto which was right in front of me, that saved me minimum of 5 minutes of waiting time for OLA/Uber and also auto guys could beat the traffic better than taxi. I checked my google map and it showed me 4.30 pm as ETA but I wasn’t sure with the number of signal the auto should cross. However, auto guy managed to get me closer but nearly 1 KM away from the station. And then we were stuck at the signal with more than 300 meters long traffic. I got down and walked around 400 meter and got in another auto just for another 400 meters and reached railway station. Then I took the help of carriers(porter) to run with me with my travel bag and also to locate the train as I was not familiar with that station, finally I got in the train by 4.35 pm and the train started by 4.36pm. Thanks to Railways (train was late) and my luck J. I would have missed the train if I had opted for App taxi or stayed in the first auto or had not used those carrier guys for sure. Continue reading “Old is not bad as you think…”