Optimizing Design and Deployment Process with AI Guidance

We frequently ask questions to gather requirements and provide our designs and solutions. Many organizations standardize their questions for consistency among teams. Can chatbots handle these questions? Yes, AI services can be utilized to make decisions and trigger DevOps pipelines to deploy the desired design or service.

By using Infrastructure as Code (IAC), we can quickly deploy design templates using AI to assist in choosing the appropriate design. This allows customers to focus on workload migration instead of landing zone design. Although, not every customer is the same, for example, a secure Azure VNet hub and spoke design can be deployed initially and improved upon while testing non-critical workloads in the cloud. We can drive move from design workshop to design selection workshop where you are helping the customers to pick up one of best design available.

Another solution is deploying services on an existing subscription, where customers can quickly deploy VMs or PaaS services by answering a few questions posed by a chatbot, without waiting for a human response. This speeds up the deployment process and increases customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, by utilizing AI and chatbots, customers can avoid creating tickets and waiting for support, as they can immediately provision resources by answering questions and confirming with AI suggestions.

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Are You Automating Too Much?

We hear lot about the automation now a days. Should we automate anything and everything? Yes, most of it. However, we must understand why do we need to bring automation. As far as I understand, we need to automate if it relates to below mentioned points at least.

  • Is it a repeated task?
  • Does it save time during deployment (like saving down time)
  • Does it avoid human error?
  • Does it bring standardization in repeated tasks?

I have seen engineers trying to codify everything which might waste hours of time or days, but it could have done in few minutes vs hours vs days. I have done such things in the past, but it is for learning though.

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